1. All the students should have their entrance inside the school premises before 7:50 a.m. and attendance in the prayer lines is compulsory.
2. Students should be in proper school uniform. They must ware PT uniform in P.T classes. Narrow fashionable Pants and short shirt are strictly forbidden.
3. Unnecessary loitering in the corridor is strictly forbidden.
4. Use and possession of mobile or any other electronic gadgets inside the school premises by the student are strictly prohibited Rs. 500/- will be fined from the offender along with guardian call.
5. Entrance in the junior classes by senior students during the tiffin time is Strictly prohibited.
6. Nail Polish, Mehandi, Rings, Bangles, Fancy Ear Ring, Bracelets, valuable watches are not allowed in the school.
7. Any damage of school properly will be considered as an offence and the student should be penalised.
8. Conversation in english within the school premises is compulsory.
9. Use of abusive language/fighting/quarreling inside the school premises is a punishable offence.
10. Student should bring their tiffin box and sufficient drinking water along with them. Supply of the tiffin box during the school hours is not allowed for the security of the student. Plastic carry bags or pouches are not allowed inside the premises.
11. Any change in the phone number should be informed to the school office at your earliest for official transaction.
12. Students, whose conduct in the school is neither beneficial nor satisfactory to normal standard of the school will be provided with “yellow cards” as warning “Red cards” for suspension and finally transfer certificate. Students, those will fail in one class for two successive years will be asked to withdraw from the school.